Somerset House Instagram TakeOver

Alan was delighted to host the Somerset House Instagram account over the weekend.

Firebag is a series of photograms by McFetridge that take place in the heart of earth’s largest biome, the boreal forest. On the 1st of May 2016; heated muskeg from a quad bike’s exhaust ignited a wildfire burnt for a month consuming 600,000 hectares of the forest life, including four suburbs of Fort McMurray. The city became a centre to explore the event of the wildfire and the contact points on interface of human-life and wildlife. The fire cycle is an integral factor in shaping the boreal. Accelerating climate change and increasing human activity at the interface are contributing factors that are disturbing the equilibrium of the ecosystem. This was made possible by a bursary from the Royal Photographic Society and The Photographic Angle. See his work until 28 March at @syngentaphotoaward